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Small Crane

  • Ceiling Mounted Workstation Bridge Crane

    Ceiling Mounted Workstation Bridge Crane

    advantage:1. Dual-braking system, overload protection 2. small noise, light weight, simple operation, easy installation 3. customizable range of operating voltage and frequencyRead More

  • KBK Single Girder Crane 500kg

    KBK Single Girder Crane 500kg

    KBK crane system 500kg single girder crane fo r product features 1. Move workpieces and subassemblies into the most favourable positions for the relevant process 2. Serve workplaces, machinery and installations from any direction 3.Perform operations outside the suspension...Read More

  • Light Duty Crane

    Light Duty Crane

    light duty crane for advantage 1.Good reliability and high stability The components comprising KBK light crane system are all standard modules, which ensures batch and high-quality production and thus,the system is very reliable for the main body of the system module consists...Read More

  • KBK Light Crane System

    KBK Light Crane System

    single girder KBK crane for advantage UPMAX Light flexible beam cranes perform a variety of lifting needs and operations to meet the exact requirements. These cranes can be suspended simply from the building roof allowing overhead handling direct to the required destination....Read More

  • Light Truck Crane

    Light Truck Crane

    light truck crane for advantage 1. Weight overload protection device. 2. Top quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer. 3. Crane travelling limit switch. 4. Voltage lower protection function. 5. Emergency stop system. 6. Current overload protection system light...Read More

  • Light Gantry Crane

    Light Gantry Crane

    light gantry crane for our advantage 1. Professional deisgn according to customer's need 2. Five times safety factor keep it's reliable use 3. Humanized design, easy to operate 4. Fast delivery time 5. Easy assemble and disassemble 6. Easy for maintenance 7. Save...Read More

  • Free Standing Workstation Bridge Crane

    Free Standing Workstation Bridge Crane

    free standing workstation bridge crane for advantage It is specially fit to the areas of dense equipments, transportation in short distance, telescopic beam crane system and high work frequency. It is vastly used in the following industries, aerospace industry, Auto-mobile,...Read More

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