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Use Caution For Electric Hoist
- Mar 16, 2018 -

1. The electric hoist installed after the new installation or after the dismantling should be first carried out. But before the installation is completed, do not turn on the electricity.

2. Before normal use, it should be carried out with rated load 125%, rise from the ground about 100 millimeter, 10 minutes static load test, check whether normal.

3. Bynamic load test is based on the weight of the rated load, repeated lifting and moving around the test, check the mechanical transmission part of the test, electrical part and the connection part of the normal and reliable.

4. In use, it is absolutely forbidden to use under the circumstances that are not allowed, as well as over the rated load and the rated closing times per hour (120 times).

5. When installing, debugging and maintaining, it is necessary to strictly check whether the limit device is flexible and reliable. When the hook reaches the limit position, the distance between the hook shell and the drum shell must be greater than 50mm (10t, 16t, 20t must be larger than 120mm). When the hook is reduced to the lower limit position, the safety ring of the wire rope on the drum should be guaranteed, and the effective safety ring must be above 2 cycles.