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The Crane Manufacturer Tells You About The Inspection Of The Slewing Bearing
- Nov 01, 2017 -

1, the crane every time before the work or at least once a week, visual inspection of the rotation support bolts;

2, rotary support for the first time after 100 working hours, should check whether the loose bolts, the first 300 hours of work and then check once; after every 500 working hours to check once; harsh conditions to shorten the inspection distance.

3, rotary support in the installation before the first filled with lithium-based grease;

4, replace the bolts, the bolts wipe clean, apply the thread tightening glue after the tightening; in accordance with the manual and the crane table requirements of the use of cranes, or on request check the fastening bolts, you can avoid the risk of bolt fatigue The