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Talking About The Three Management Systems In The Process Of Single - Beam Crane Operation.
- Nov 01, 2017 -

1, the establishment of single-beam crane equipment related files

The establishment of a single-beam crane equipment related to the safety of technical files is a single-beam lifting machinery and equipment in a very important basic nature of the work, which can reach the Longhui crane in the single-beam crane equipment related to the Equipment is a very effective means.

2, the various crane equipment management department should be the corresponding equipment one by one archiving

The data to be archived in the crane mainly includes the relevant technical documentation of the crane equipment, the relevant installation of the existing equipment, the relevant record of the starting time of the crane equipment, and the relevant daily routine of the crane equipment Use and daily maintenance and change checks, etc. In addition, there are a number of records regarding the equipment aspects and personal accident aspects of the lifting equipment and the corresponding problems in the course of the operation of the equipment and the corresponding evaluation and many more. These materials must have a special staff to carry out field investigation and investigation, we must make the greatest possible to ensure that the lifting of the mechanical equipment, the integrity of the file and the accuracy of the file.