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Talking About The Jib Crane
- Jan 08, 2018 -

 Jib Crane system include Pillar-mounted type jib crane, Wall-mounted type jib crane and Mobile type jib crane. All types can be operated by electricity and manual.

Pillar-mounted type jib crane is convenient material handling solutions. It can be installed and used under the overhead crane, or in an open area to cover multiple station simultaneously; or installed in machine or assembly station to complete the stage operation with other type crane system.


1.    Advance design, collection the advantages of industry’s top brand.

2.    Safe and reliable, precise positioning and efficient operations.

3.    Core components imported, frequency control system as standard.

4.    Slewing range 270°/360°(depend on capacity), ect. Non-standard products can be designed.

5.    Electrical rotation or manual rotation, trolley is driven by electricity or manual as optional.

6.    Steel rails and aluminum rails can be option for beam.