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Safety Code For Electricity Of Cranes
- Nov 01, 2017 -

1) Tower crane electrical equipment should be consistent with the existing national standard "tower crane safety regulations" (GB5144-1994) requirements.

2) Tower crane should be required in accordance with Article 5.4.7 of the JGJ46-2005 specification for repeated grounding and lightning protection grounding. The installation of the rail tower crane grounding device shall meet the following requirements:

① set a set of grounding at both ends of the track device.

② rail joints for electrical connection, two rail ends do ring electrical connection.

③ longer track every more than 30m plus a group of grounding device.

3) The safe distance between the tower crane and the external electric line shall conform to the requirements of Article 4.1.4 of the JGJ46 ~ 2005 specification.

4) The cable of the rail tower crane shall not be moored.

5) need to work at night tower crane, should be set on the face of the cast light.

6) Tower tower crane higher than 30m, should be in the top of the tower and the boom at the end of the red signal lights.

7) In the case of a tower crane working near a strong electromagnetic wave source, the operator should wear insulated gloves and wear insulating shoes and should take insulation isolation between the hook and the body, or when the hook is hoisting the ground object, Attached temporary grounding device.

8) external elevator ladder cage inside and outside should be installed emergency stop switch.

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