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Precautions For Crane Operation
- May 25, 2018 -

1. Before operation, the oil tank level window shall determine whether the hydraulic oil is fully loaded as required, and if it is below the prescribed cutting line, it must be supplemented.When refueling, it must be injected through the oil filter screen, and very careful not to mix different brands of oil or water impurities.

2. After working for 250h, the filter element of the filter shall be inspected and cleaned or replaced if necessary.

3, the hydraulic oil tank should be every half a month from the bottom of the oil drain mouth to remove the moisture and impurities, and every other year 2000 h (or work) to replace all the hydraulic oil (in the oil under the condition of not bad, can be appropriately extended oil change period).When the crane is operating in a particularly bad environment, the oil replacement cycle should be shortened accordingly.

4. All valves of the hydraulic system have been fully tested before delivery, and the pressure and flow have been adjusted.

5. All kinds of machine parts, especially the hydraulic system devices, should avoid fouling attachment.After the work, be sure to clean up the dirt and grease.