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On The Five Differences Between Single - Beam Crane And Double - Beam Crane
- Nov 01, 2017 -

1, the operating environment is different. Usually single girder bridge crane will be used in the span of small requirements, lifting heavier weight of the place, the construction site environment is relatively small. The double-beam bridge crane is mainly used in the larger span, from the heavier weight, a wider working environment of the place, this type of crane work level is relatively high, the use of a wide range.

2, the structure is different. Single beam bridge crane lighter weight, the structure is relatively simple, assembly and disassembly, maintenance and other relatively simple. Double beam bridge crane structure is more complex, heavy weight, installation, maintenance and other requirements are more complex.

3, manufacturing costs are different. As the single-beam bridge crane span is small, so the manufacturing cost is low, less supplies. Double-beam crane span, high manufacturing costs, high technical requirements, so the price is relatively high.