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Is The Weight Of The Crane Related To The Work Level?
- Nov 01, 2017 -

For those who do not understand the crane, the weight and work level is a few words. And for the crane information to understand how many people will want to work high level is not the greater the weight from it. In fact, this is completely two unrelated concepts. For example, air conditioning has 1P, 1.5P distinction, it is mainly said that the air conditioning on the size of the space requirements. And air conditioning will be divided into different levels, that level is the energy consumption of air conditioning in every hour is not the same.

The level of work is a measure of the extent to which the crane is busy at work and the degree of full load on the hoisting. Can be seen when the work level is low, it may be heavy heavy cranes, and the higher level of work, there may be light cranes, can not be considered high level of work is particularly heavy, low level of work is light.