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Four Steps To Buy The Safety Wire Rope Electric Hoist
- May 21, 2018 -

Industry open and electric hoist exist near contact, Leon m wire rope electric hoist low prices, good quality, ensure the quality, so in the selection of wire rope electric hoist at what take care of matters?

1. The motor is the heart of a wire rope electric hoist. It is the center of the wire rope electric hoist, so it is of vital importance to select a good motor.Shanghai engineering use of electric hoist motor axis parallel to the roll axis, its benefits for small height and the length of the specification. Its defect is big width specification, grouping, manufacture and installation of clutter. Track turning radius is big. 

2, the motor axis is perpendicular to the axis of the drum of electric hoist choose worm gear transmission equipment, large width in specification, structure of heavy, low mechanical efficiency and processing more difficult. Now is no factory produce this kind of structure of the products. 

3, motor in the electric hoist drum inside, its benefits for small length specification, structure is compact. Its main defects for motor cooling condition is poor, poor groups and check, equipment, maintenance of motor sideClutter, power supply equipment. 

4. Scheduling scheduling worm on the balancer, the balance of the balancer component, together with the weight of the things they use to make things in any position of the stroke are in balance, namely in weightless conditions. When clockwise scheduling, balance weight increase vice cutting. When supply has set the balance weight in the center value, when scheduling cannot make balance weight above or below the rating, otherwise will affect the normal operation.