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Crane Can Not Move The Fault Investigation Method
- Nov 01, 2017 -

Crane is an important equipment in the construction of the project, occupies an important position in the work. However, due to its work intensity, long working hours, and sometimes prone to some problems, when the problem should be caused by the attention of operators to avoid the emergence of engineering accidents. For the cause of engineering accidents is also the topic of concern for most people, where the crane can not move to do a simple introduction.

Under the influence of many factors, the crane may not be able to move, the simplest of which is power. So a little bit of a similar situation is necessary to check the crane line to see if there is a serious brush wear, duct joints uneven, single conductor and rail connection unreasonable and so on. If necessary, replace the rollers or conductors and brushes, and re-connect the rails to meet the requirements, it is best to use dual conductivity, to prevent the occurrence of the problem.