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Wire rope is one of the components with high utilization rate of electric hoist
- Jun 06, 2018 -

Wire rope safety skills to touch the types of steel wire rope, production method, the performance of structure, stress distribution, and many problems such as protection, view, invalid, is a more professional skills, each security for personnel and skilled workers should be about the common sense of wire rope, the workings of the force and have a basic understanding.The wire rope is one of the components with high utilization rate of electric hoist, which is determined by its unique characteristics.Compared with the rigid components, the wire rope has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, good flexibility and shock resistance, especially its safety and reliability.In wire rope electric hoist normally use tend not to attack the breakage, even if the damage is also a precursor, generally is always from the beginning of a single, some broken wires, gradually developed into the whole line, is a process for a period of time, if the rope ran cracking, due to the load exceeds the limit breaking force attack the rope and damage.This provides the possibility that the accident caused by the wire rope can be prevented by strengthening the safety management and application of the wire rope of the electric hoist. Changing but the force of the wire rope electric hoist, working environment, the damage in addition to mechanical damage, structure model selection view wrong wrong, protection, failure of wire rope for failing to cancel and update the wait for a reason.