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Which type of electric hoist should be hoisted frequently?
- Jul 10, 2018 -

  For lifting of professional lifting job frequently should choose the more suitable electric hoist,  engineers according to the different degree of job design electric hoist is more targeted, BMX progress your homework, to repeatedly use double speed of lifting job to introduce you the gourd, 0.8 meters per minute and 8 meters per minute, 10 times the speed difference, such as the hoist for extraction of large generator rotor homework, deep well pump repair, building professional super-tall eaves all scaffold outside the raise is the most ideal lifting things, and save the big things.
  Dual speed wire rope electric hoist reducer: choose three fixed axis helical gear rolling organization, gears and gear shaft made, through the heat treatment of steel box, box cover is made from high quality cast iron, installation, good sealing.
  Control box: select the equipment that can cut off the main circuit under urgent circumstances, and with up and down stroke maintenance fire stop limiter.Ensure the safe operation of electric hoist.Electrical components long life, reliable operation.
  Steel wire rope: gb1102-74 (6*37+1) type X hoisting wire rope electric hoist to ensure durability.Taper motor: for hoisting motor, the taper rotor with large starting torque is used to brake the asynchronous motor without additional brake.The load endurance rate of the motor is 25%. The motor is insulation class B or class F, and the motor protection class IP44/IP54.