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What is the basis of selecting the manual explosion-proof ?
- May 22, 2018 -

  We all know that first used in explosion-proof, explosion-proof chain potential HuoHuan and inflammable, explosive environment, such as the explosion-proof chain material was first made in aluminum bronze, beryllium bronze as the material, choose this kind of material what are the advantages?

  The excellent thermal conductivity of the primary copper and the almost carbon-free nature of the matter, the heat absorbed and transmitted in short bursts when the object or object collide or strike.The other reason is that copper itself is relatively soft, and there is good compromise between conflict and collision. It is not easy to attack small metal particles, and it is not easy to spark.It is suitable for use in explosive, flammable and corrosive situations.

  Aluminum bronze chain blocks, in general, the most common and most widely used also, and beryllium bronze hardness is higher, is suitable for the work hardness HRC35 degree or above, more than aluminum bronze chain relatively expensive price, quality is better!