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Variable frequency wire rope electric hoist advantages are guaranteed
- Jun 01, 2018 -

UPMAXCRANE machinery to produce variable frequency wire rope electric hoist, comply with the time request, satisfactory variety of the different needs of customers, the advantage of performance, allow you to use more convenient, the advantages first performance in the following aspects:

1. Can set hoist speed as required: can set hoist speed between 1/10 extra speed and extra speed to select the most appropriate operating speed.

2, reduces the impact of launch, stops: because of the electric hoist has the function of stable operation, thus can reduce the impact of launch, stops, especially suitable for delicate mould such as oscillation is not permitted in the working environment.

3. Can improve the operation rate: under no-load condition, the lifting speed can be set between the additional speed and 1.5 times the additional speed, and the operating speed under no-load condition can be improved to improve the operating efficiency.

4. It can conduct frequency conversion control on the operating motor through a frequency converter, facilitate the operation of the operating motor at a low speed, improve the accuracy of operation positioning, and carry out spot operation.