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There are three cases of abnormal sound when running electric hoist
- Jul 05, 2018 -

  Electric hoist run time sound of three kinds of condition: electric hoist has a lot of trouble, such as manipulation of the electrical appliances, motor and reducer, flush, often accompanied with abnormal noise, the noise of the bearing and high and low and don't vary according to the problems for different reasons, inspection, want to listen to see more, can use or noise according to the fault characteristics, concluded that announced the noise bearing, find and check the problem.
(1) abnormal noise occurred in control circuit, announced the hum of the noise, the general is a problem on contactor contactor contactor poor contact (such as communication, discrepant voltage grade, magnetic core, CARDS, etc.), to deal with trouble contactor for inspection, cannot check when necessary to replace, after processing, to eliminate the noise.
(2) the motor announced that abnormal noise, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately and check whether single-phase motor operates, or bearing damage, coupling axis is not straight and sweep chamber, these will make the machine has abnormal sound, the sound of different faults of bearing and high and low and don't sound different, single phase, the whole motor announced the hum of the rule of strong and weak;When the bearing is damaged, it will be announced around the bearing accompanied by a thump - thump hum;When the coupling axis is not correct, or the motor slightly sweeps the bore, the entire motor announces a very high hum, accompanied by sharp sharp sharp ears.According to the difference of noise, the fault should be found out and checked item by item. The normal function of the motor should be recovered.
(3) the abnormal noise from reducer announced that reducer on the problems, such as smooth oil, gear reducer or bearing wear or damage, damage to the bearings, etc.), should stop to see at this moment, first determine reducer reducer or bearing is added before using smooth oil, using the substitution of whether smooth oil, such as no smooth by the requirement, the hum of the reducer is not only happens too high, excessive wear or damage to the gear and bearing.