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The use of CD1 wire rope electric hoist requires strict standards
- Jun 12, 2018 -

Now the main wire rope electric hoist on the market is divided into two kinds, one kind is which cd1 wire rope electric hoist, is a kind of MD1 wire rope electric hoist, mainly introduce for us here today which cd1 wire rope electric hoist in the use of a temporary needs strict standards, allows you to produce the onset of a temporary cut bait.

1. The electric hoist of the type CD steel wire rope is prohibited from overloading and lifting. When lifting, the hand is prohibited from holding between the rope and the object.

2. The cd-type wire rope electric hoist has a peculiar smell during hoisting. The high-temperature electric hoist should be stopped immediately to check, find out the reason, and deal with the rear sustainable operation.

3. During hoisting, when the heavy weight falls due to the fault, emergency measures must be taken to lower the heavy weight to no one, so as to ensure the safety of the personnel of the electric hoist of the wire rope.

4. The lifting object should be tied firmly and firmly in the center of gravity.When lifting heavy objects, the weight shall not be too high from the ground, and it is forbidden to jump over the head of a person, and the weight shall not be suspended in the air between operations.