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The size of the ton, the chain electric hoist to help
- May 17, 2018 -

  Each lifting machine has its rated lifting weight, and the chain electric hoist is the same, so do you know the specific lifting component of the chain electric hoist?To give you a specific introduction:

  Chain electric hoist is a kind of commonly used in industry, factory, workshop and mining produces a temporary electric lifting things, because it has a widely applied situations, so different occasions about link chain < electric hoist lifting weight, lifting height, lifting speed are not identical, before buying chain electric hoist should take into account the place of occasions bound to choose different types of chain electric hoist.

  Chain electric hoist up weight ranged from 0.3 t - 20 t, lifting height range from 3 m to 30 m, hoisting speed of single speed, double speed, special hoisting speed, chain electric hoist lifting chain is divided into single, double chain, three chain, four chain, due to the chain of the number of shares is different, so the lifting speed will be limited.