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the reason of explosion - proof electric hoist can not work or can not stop
- Jun 14, 2018 -

Explosion-proof electric hoist brakes or cannot be the cause of the suspension explosion-proof electric hoist using time is long will inevitably some problems, but not every electric hoist can be rendered such quality problems, if used correctly, explosion-proof electric hoist is rarely present trouble.So if the explosion-proof crane hoist brakes or failing to suspend do: like attack this kind of condition is a touch of fusion welding, press stop switch when the job, because touch owe good, touch can't disconnect, the motor is still work, form the electric hoist can't brake;When the limit position fails to reach the limit position, the hoist will not park.This is the situation.The operator shall immediately shut off the power supply and force the hoist to park.After parking, it is necessary to replace the maintenance touch device or limiter if severe damage cannot be corrected.