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The importance of main girder in crane operation
- Aug 01, 2018 -

  The main girder is the primary stress member in the crane metal structure, and its maintenance operation is directly related to the safety and performance of the crane.A no-load test should be carried out before using the crane.
  When using a crane, it is necessary to avoid sharp start, braking and collision with another crane, because of such sharp action, the bridge will have a large additional dynamic load.The deflection of the main beam is measured regularly, and the monobeam crane of i-beam is used to verify whether the main beam is out of shape.
  Don't forget to check the crane girder stress components and welding seam of hanging car, when welding crack is found, should immediately stop using, then there will be the weld root of crack with excellent quality electrode welding, should pay attention to when heavy welding process, ensure the welding quality and avoid the welding deformation, and check the main girder and the connecting bolts of hanging car whether there is loose phenomenon.
  When the main girder of the crane is found to have residual deformation, it should be stopped immediately.After modification or reinforcement of main girder, test run shall be carried out. Supplier of i-beam single-beam crane, the test method is the same as above.
  During the no-load test of the crane, the braking wheel of each structure should be rolled by hand first, so that the final shaft cannot be stuck when rotating for a week.And let the trolley travel back and forth three times along the track.The automatic wheel should be touched at full length of the track.Start and brake should be normally firm.The action of limit switch is accurate.The bumper on the car is in a precise position to collide with the bump on the bridge frame.