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The difference between pneumatic hoist and ordinary explosion-proof hoist.
- Jul 16, 2018 -

  Pneumatic hoist some distance compared with general electric hoist, it mainly consists of lifting, walking, tissue, the control system of three parts, and pneumatic hoist is riot highest level of a riot lifting equipment used the safest.The following introduces the difference between it and the general explosion-proof gourd:
  Pneumatic hoist no spark products, completely solve the hoisting equipment explosion-proof problems, use compressed air without leakage of medium environment pollution can reach the clean production, and the general explosion-proof hoist is mainly through the materials to avoid corrosion gas, etc.
  Compared with ordinary explosion-proof electric hoist, pneumatic hoist can operate continuously, frequently, easily and safely.It is applicable to all kinds of working environments, such as pollution, corrosion, toxic, inflammable and explosive etc.