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Talking about the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance of double beam crane!
- Nov 01, 2017 -

No matter how good the product is not maintained, it will reduce the service life. Only the continuous use of the product in the process of maintenance, can ensure that the quality of its use is not affected. So why do double-beam cranes need occasional cleaning and maintenance? Here on the crane with the small series for everyone to introduce it!

Good cleaning and maintenance has important value for double-beam cranes, and if you do not have regular cleaning, it will have an adverse effect on work and construction progress.

If you do not clean the gantry crane from time to time, the first two-girder cranes will be able to enter the tires and other internal bodies of the heavy-duty cranes when they are in the course of their work. If they are not cleaned for a certain period of time, Conducive to the role of the late-beam crane, and even affect its life and quality, increase its use of the risk, but also the cost of business, and regular cleaning and maintenance, then there will not be such a situation.