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Talking about the Four Uses of Single Girder Crane
- Nov 01, 2017 -

First, according to the different use of single-beam crane shape planning and basic functions are not exactly the same, the planners in the planning of the crane, combined with their own advantages slightly changed, be sure to ensure that each time to start the operation can be the largest The satisfaction of people's needs. If the address is changed at any time during the job, the replacement of the address is required at the time of the job, and the hydraulic type can be used as the hydraulic crane with the boom and the leg portion of the crane at the time of selection. In particular, the elastic function of the crane can ensure that the elastic arm into the window inside or inside the hole to operate.

Second, if the construction side in the use of the crane when the demand for a larger component of the operation, and the installation time will be very difficult, then the time to buy the crane can be selected crawler crane or tire crane , Such a crane operation when the ups and downs are relatively large, even facing the relatively soft ground, even if the conditions of the road is relatively poor, still in the normal operation of the end of the lifting operation.