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Talking about the four principles of single beam crane equipment maintenance!
- Nov 01, 2017 -

1, check: mainly refers to the daily idle and the use of the equipment should be wear and tear parts, tightening tightening, safety devices and other conditions to maintain good and so on to check. If you find the problem in a timely manner, if you can not handle, you need to do a good job to tell the other staff should be suspended for rectification, and timely reporting to the higher level leaders waiting for maintenance personnel to be completed before they can re-enter the work.

2, Run: single-beam crane is also the use of some steel and other raw materials made of, so the use of the process will occur between the wear and tear, etc., so human invented the oil this thing can effectively reduce the equipment wear The Equipment lubrication is also a knowledge, maintenance personnel in strict accordance with the standards in order to allow equipment lubrication in place to play the best results.