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Talking about the Four Operation Requirements of Double - beam Crane Operation
- Nov 01, 2017 -

1, the operator must be assessed, get the operation card before the machine operation. And the use of the product before the relevant personnel should read the crane manufacturers to provide detailed instructions.

2, each crane should have a working diary and mechanical resume, in order to record the work of the crane dynamic, easy to shift check and maintenance. At the same time, the double-beam crane should be routine maintenance and regular maintenance as required. In the case of

3, the driver must correctly grasp the double-beam crane working range and the relationship between the weight, is strictly prohibited overload lifting, over range lifting, you must understand the weight of the hanging goods, lifting, changing, rotation and other operations and other safety devices Empty car operation test, if no exception, before the hanging goods work, and the operation of the driver should focus on thinking, pay close attention to the situation on board. Lift the goods or change the direction of the goods should be issued before the signal.