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Talking about the four cases of electric shock in double beam crane operation!
- Nov 01, 2017 -

1, the driver touches the trolley line when the crane machine driver room is set in the same side of the trolley line, the driver in the upper and lower attention to touch the slip line and electric shock.

The main reason: First, because the driver room position unreasonable; Second, because the crane near the end of the slip line is not set the protective plate, causing the driver to electric shock.

2, hit the main reasons for high-voltage transmission line: First, because the lifting machinery in the high-voltage wire under the operation did not take the necessary security measures; Second, due to improper command, the operation is wrong, resulting in the crane charged, resulting in electric shock.

3, the main reason for leakage of electrical facilities: First, because the lifting electrical equipment is not timely, the occurrence of leakage; the second is due to the driver's room is not set to protect the insulation pad, causing the driver due to leakage and electric shock.

4, lifting rope touch touch line main reasons: First, due to improper lifting method of hanging skid suspension violation of safety regulations; the second is due to the crane near the end of the line is not set taper line and charged, resulting in operating personnel Electric shock.