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Talk about Wall-mounted Jib Crane
- Mar 30, 2018 -

1. description of wall-mounted jib crane:

  The wall-mounted jib crane is used to connect the triangular bracket to the concrete wall or column. The jib crane is connected with the bracket, the structure is simple, the operation is convenient, and the operation space is large.Arms can be installed electric or manual hoist to lift heavy weights, or chain electric hoist on the slewing beams as straight lines, and lift weights, driven by human hung heavy weights or self-provided TAB, realize the rotary.

2. Working principle of wall-mounted jib crane:

  Wall-mounted jib crane work for light intensity, crane by a tripod, rotary arm rotation driving device and electric hoist, column bottom through on the concrete foundation with anchor bolt, cantilever rotary driven by cycloidal pinwheel reducer, electric hoist on the cantilever beams as a straight line running from left to right, and lifting heavy objects.

3. Wall-mounted jib crane structure:

  The wall-mounted jib crane is mainly composed of cantilever, rotary device and chain electric hoist.

  The loop chain electric hoist has the function of lifting and reciprocating on the beam;

  The wall-mounted jib crane beam can be driven by the reducer on the rotating device to turn the wheel.

  The electrical control box is installed on the chain hoist.

  The wall-mounted jib crane operation is realized by the flashlight door button.The flashlight door has eight buttons, which control the level of fast rise, fast drop, slow rise, slow down, left and right turn and the level of the hoist.