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Talk about the installation steps and precautions of single girder crane!
- Nov 01, 2017 -

1, the mast is set in the middle of the crane main beam, and slightly closer to the heavier main beam side, so that the lifting crane will not tilt, and the electric hoist firmly tied to the main beam at the same time lifting.

2, lifting should maintain a steady rise, can not any swing, so that people can control, can be tied at both ends of the crane rope.

3, the use of hoists and masts, the rope into the lifting hole lifting.

4, the crane will be hoisted to the appropriate height, the control room with bolts fixed on the connecting frame and the connection seat, and then according to the attached drawings will be welded to the main beam and beams on the beam.

5, the crane hanging over the track, pull the rope to reverse the crane, and gradually fall to the crane wheel groove on the track slowly fall.