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Talk about KBK system
- Apr 20, 2018 -

  The suspension crane is fully known as: flexible light combination suspension crane, belonging to light small lifting equipment.

  Suspension cranes include jkbk-d monorail suspension crane, jkbk-ld single beam suspension crane, jkbk-ls double beam suspension crane, jkbk-lss.

  Telescopic beam suspension crane, jkbk-lm stacking machine and other forms, the application range is very wide, especially suitable for modern production line.

  In order not to affect the operation, when a working area is not allowed to have any supporting structure, the flexible lightweight composite beam suspension crane is a perfect choice.The crane system needs a roof structure capable of withstanding sufficient strength and safety to support the crane load.Customers can install multiple main beams on a set of fixed rails, which greatly improves productivity.This type of product is steel structure with a weight of 75-2000kg. The total length of the main girder can reach 10m.Compared with the traditional beam crane, the design and transport of the closed rail is only one third of the force.The design of truss rails makes the span larger and the installation layout has more flexibility.