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Talk About JIB CRANE
- Mar 23, 2018 -

  JIB crane work for light intensity, crane by post, rotating arm rotation drive device and electric hoist, column bottom through on the concrete foundation with anchor bolt, cantilever rotary driven by cycloidal pinwheel reducer.

The electric hoist is running in a straight line on the cantilever and lifting heavy objects.Crane jib is hollow steel structure, self-weight light, large span, big weight, economic durability.The internal walking mechanism adopts the special engineering plastic wheel with rolling bearing.

Little friction, brisk walking;Small structure, especially for lifting hook stroke.

  JIB crane is to adapt to modern production and production of a new generation of light lifting equipment, with the high reliability of the link chain electric hoist is especially suitable for short distance, use frequently, intensive lifting operation, has high efficiency, energy saving,

convenient, cover an area of an area small,Easy operation and maintenance.

  Mobile cantilever crane is more flexible and adaptable, and it is a necessary equipment for emergency hoisting equipment on high efficiency automatic production line. It can ensure the smooth flow of production line.