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Special environment protection for electric hoist
- May 24, 2018 -

According to special environment category with electric hoist equipment, the use of different categories such as: dust environment use explosion-proof hoist, humid environment available anti-corrosion gourd, etc., but in the process of using special environment, besides should have practice security maintenance measures shall also have the special protective measures.

1. Special protection of electric hoist in wet environment.

For example, nuclear power plant, shipbuilding and use of high pressure water scour nuclear equipment, the anti-corrosion electric hoist, IP55 class waterproof motor protection grade is higher.For motors above 10kw, additional preheating and drying equipment should be adopted, and rainproof cover should be added after the waterproof gourd is used in the outdoor operation.

2. Dust environment.

In the dust environment, the explosion-proof gourd operation is selected, but the requirement should be used in the closed driver's room to maintain the driver's personal health.In general, the protection of calabash motor and electric appliance is IP44. According to the size of dust, its sealing function should be enhanced accordingly, that is, the protection grade should be increased to IP54 or lP64.

3. High temperature environment.

High temperatures can pick on metallurgical electric hoist, also want to have special protection against high temperature, the motor winding and casing should be buried thermistor temperature control equipment, such as when the temperature beyond a certain limit, the power outage maintenance or add strong cold on the motor way.

4. Cold environment

The electric hoist should be used in the outdoor cold season.Clear the track of snow and ice in time to avoid the use of equipment.