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Prevent the chain of hand-pulled gourd from rust
- Jun 08, 2018 -

  Using the chain when not present bad weather such as rain, make the chain is easy to rust, corrosion chain chain drive is not smooth, all sorts of small trouble a barrage of present, the work for both of us form, seriously affected the work efficiency, also affects the machine full chain equipment.

  Because rain has acid, when the hand pulls calabash to be used in rain for a long time, should the key part undertake scrubbing with dry cloth perhaps blow dry with electric hair dryer, prevent the hand to pull calabash paint to corrode to fall off;Then the opponent pulls the gourd to apply anti-rust grease and place it in a dry environment.

  In order to make hand-pulled gourd play a better function, it is recommended to reduce the frequency of application in rainy days. If it cannot be prevented, it should pay attention to the use of future maintenance.Function of hand-pulled gourd chain: the quality of hand-pulled gourd chain directly affects the overall function of hand-pulled gourd chain!The imported hand-pulled hoist chain is made of alloy steel casting, and the lifting chain is stronger in tension resistance and wear resistance than the domestic hand-pulled hoist chain.In addition, the lifting chains of hand-pulled gourd have been treated with anti-rust treatment, which can enhance the service life of hand-pulled gourd.The imported hand-pulled gourd is small in volume, compact in interior and easy to handle by hand. Moreover, the lifting speed of hand-pulled gourd is more stable than that of domestic hand-pulled gourd, which improves the unevenness of domestic hand-pulled gourd.