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Performance of each component of group hoist electric hoist
- Jul 11, 2018 -

  The following is a detailed description of each component performance of cluster crane electric hoist:
1, lifting chain: choose Φ 7.1 mm and 11.2 mm Φ level 80 appearance hardening lifting chain, ensure the safety and durability.Strong hardening appearance of lifting chain can avoid product damage and softening of core data, so as to maintain high performance of lifting chain for a long time.The chain of group hoist electric hoist is made of low carbon alloy steel, which makes the chain more durable and wear-resistant.The chain of electric hoist can also be lengthened and customized according to customers' requirements, making it more convenient and convenient for you to use.
2. Dual braking system: two complete and independent braking systems not only reduce the possibility of braking failure, but also enhance the safety of braking and facilitate heat dissipation.
3. Electromagnetic brake: the new braking system responds quickly and provides positive braking force.The use of non-asbestos brake lining greatly extends the maintenance cycle.The braking system has been tested more than 22,500 times.
4. Mechanical brake: the highly reliable mechanical brake and electromagnetic brake can coordinate with each other and stop the machine rolling at any time.
5. Variable speed gear: the standard circular chain electric hoist is usually equipped with spiral gear to provide stability and extend its service life by minimizing the impact of gear occlusion and vibration.The special design of the gear enhances the durability of the gear, and the gear is made of alloy steel, with the maximum strength obtained through professional precision heat treatment.
6. Smooth oil bath: MODE oil bath smooth system is selected for transmission.Using oil bath smooth gear system can have the effect of cooling agent on mechanical brake.
7. Relay: the relay can maintain the damage to the hoist caused by power line misalignment (reverse connection).