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Maintenance steps of electric hoist motor
- Jul 12, 2018 -

  Hoist motor, is one of the most important parts of electric hoist, when problems arise, learn the motor maintenance knowledge we can repair is by ourself, should clean up before site maintenance hoist motor, disassembling tools ready, and in the end cover and shell, the joint line, bearing cover and end cover should be above such as tags, to avoid mistake confused when assembly.The steps of removing the electric hoist motor are as follows:
(1) remove the connecting pin of the belt or the oil coupling;
(2) remove the power connection and ground wire in the junction box;
(3) remove the belt wheel or coupling;
(4) remove the foot nut and washer;
(5) remove the front bearing cover;
(6) remove the front cover;
(7) remove the windshield;
(8) removing the blades;
(9) bearing outer cover after unloading;
(10) remove the rear cover;
(11) extract the rotor;
(12) remove the inner cover of front and rear bearings and front and rear bearings.
The assembly procedure of electric hoist motor is opposite to that of disassembly.In general, small motor, demolition of cover blades, blades, bearing cover and before the end cover, and then after the bearing cover, end cover, together with the bearing, bearing inner cap and rotor before and after extraction and so on.