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Inspection specifications for six aspects of explosion-proof electric hoist hook
- May 29, 2018 -

  The hook shall have symbol and anti-decoupling equipment.Casting hooks are not allowed.The hook should not have defects such as cracks and cracks, and should not be rewelded if there are defects.When the hook presents one of the following conditions, it shall be invalidated.The risk of surface wear reaches 10% of the original scale.The amplitude is increased by 15% compared to the original scale.Change the deformation beyond 10 °;Where plastic deformation occurs in the face of risk cross section or hook.The sleeve should be invalidated when the abrasion of the hook sleeve of the hollow plate reaches 50% of the original scale.Board hook spindle wear 5% of the original scale, the spindle shall be submitted to the 7 explosion-proof electric hoist explosion-proof level IIC, hook should be adopted to prevent hook by touch attack or conflict risk sparking measures.