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How to solve the electric hoist cable fault
- Jun 13, 2018 -

  Wire rope hoist in use process, because of improper use or damage reasons such as guide line is easy to present card rope, such as small but seriously affected the work efficiency, the following action for you, easy processing electric hoist rope.

  Stuck in drum and wire rope in the aperture of the motor is the most common, similar problems that most people choose remove the motor, it can easily remove the rope, but will this way to practice a bit cumbersome.In fact, as long as the steel wire rope gourd flannel plate inside other welding a baffle can be, a small baffle is dealt with the appearance of such problems.This approach can be useful to avoid the wire rope was stuck, and then lead to damage such as crack, breakage of wire rope, prolong the service life of wire rope hoist, is also useful to reduce the steel wire rope fault and danger of happening.