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how to carry out secondary maintenance of wire rope electric hoist reducer
- Jun 25, 2018 -

  Electric hoist maintenance work is important, not only affects the next time you use of equipment, also affect the service life of the equipment, wire rope electric hoist, to you. How do the main accessories reducer in the secondary service?

  Check whether electric hoist reducer oil meet the requirements, when meets the requirements put off electric hoist slowdown the lubricating oil, clean with no impurity contents, and the magnet suck out iron filings, clean up the electric hoist slowdown in precipitation, does not conform to the requirements should be with an oil change gears in the electric hoist slowdown should serious wear and tear, wu thin and crack, if discover one of the above situation should be replaced.

  Electric hoist reducer bearing should be wu wear along the axis, the radial clearance requirements, sand home in good accord with request replace electric hoist ring, gasket electric hoist reducer middle screw loose tooth.If the sealing ring of electric hoist is seriously damaged, the sealing gasket should be replaced even if the fastening bolts are not loose.It is our common goal to do a good job in the maintenance of electric hoist, ensure the safety of equipment and people, improve working efficiency and ensure safe production.