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Gantry crane maintenance
- Mar 20, 2018 -

The purpose of maintenance:

1 Ensure that the crane is in good condition;

2 Under the conditions of reasonable use, reduce the failure and ensure the reliability of mechanical work;

3 Eliminating security to protect hidden dangers and prevent accidents;

4 Reduce the consumption of running materials such as electricity, lubricating materials and wire ropes during operation to obtain the best economic results;

5 Minimize the wear of the parts of the crane to extend the running time of the crane or its assembly during the two repair intervals.

Routine maintenance:

1 Clean the dust and oil on the driver's cab and on the fuselage;

2 check the brake gap is appropriate;

3 Check whether the keys and coupling bolts on the coupling are tight.

4 Check whether the bell and each safety device are sensitive and reliable;

5 Check the wear of the brake band and wire rope;

6 Check whether the contact of the controller is closely matched. Routine maintenance is the maintenance in daily operation. The operator uses intermittent time before, after and during the operation.