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Feature of CD Type wire rope hoist
- May 04, 2018 -

Feature of CD Type wire rope hoist

1. Reducer

The gear and gear shaft are made of heat-treated alloy. The box and cover are made of high quality cast iron.The reducer is a self-contained unit that is extremely convenient to load and unload.

2. Control box

A device that can cut off the main circuit in an emergency and carry the upper and lower stroke to protect the fire limiter.Ensure the safe operation of electric hoist.Long life of electrical components, reliable use.

3. Wire rope

Using GB1102-74 (6*37+1) type hoisting rope, it guarantees durability.

4. Conical motor

The hoist motor USES a large start torque conical rotor brake asynchronous motor, without the need of additional brake.The motor load sustained rate is 25%, the motor adopts grade B or F insulation, and the motor protection grade IP44/IP54.

5. Button switch

Hand operation is light and light, and there are two ways of controlling and remote control.