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Explosion - proof electric hoist weekly inspection
- Jun 27, 2018 -

  Explosion-proof electric hoist periodic check is a long-term and careful operation, such as residual maybe wrong inspection regarding to the application of equipment will pose a safety hazard, and weekly inspection not ignored, the Shanghai engineering for your specific introduction about explosion-proof hoist weekly inspection of relevant knowledge.

  Explosion-proof electric hoist inspection every two years is the best inspection cycle.Parts are special inspection equipment environment (such as high temperature, moisture and corrosion and other special environment) needs professional missile d etection shorten the inspection period, the first report inspection arrangement, the echo and approval by the bureau of quality and technical supervision of special equipment safety supervision after the echo, according to shorten the cycle after the implementation of regular inspection.

  The periodic inspection operation of explosion-proof electric hoist requires professional inspection personnel to carry out the operation, and the inspection work should be completed step by step in strict accordance with the inspection rules.

  As a warm reminder, users can attach great importance to the periodic inspection of the explosion-proof electric hoist, which has avoided the potential safety hazards such as inspection loss.