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DJB-PV-MV mobile pillar-mounted slewing jibs
- Apr 03, 2018 -

Description of DJB-PV-MV:

  DJB-PV-MV mobile pillar-mounted slewing jibs are ideally suited for workplaces

that are subject to frequent change,since the crane can be simply relocated together

with the workplace. In this way ,the position of the crane can be precisely matched 

to the required operating sequences.DJB-PV-MV cranes are also a preferred choice for

maintenance,repair and conversion work.

Main feature:

SWL up to 1,000kg

Outreach up to 4m(<125kg)

Max slewing angle is N*360°

I-beam profile jib with the standard design

Cross travel by hand and slewing by hand

With a movable base,it can be easily relocated by means of a forklift or manually.