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Description of explosion-proof hoist
- May 07, 2018 -

Explosion-proof hoist is a kind of manual lifting machine which is easy to use and easy to carry.

It is equipped with manual hoisting and transporting trolley, which can be widely used in petroleum, petrochemicals, oil depot, oil depot, gas recovery, etc.

In the hazardous environment of chemical industry, military industry, electric power, mining, electronics, railway, and other potential fire hazards and explosions, there is no mechanical spark in the collision of products in the operation.

To effectively prevent fire accidents and ensure national property and personal safety.It is also a necessary special tool for mechanical manufacturing and maintenance.

Explosion-proof hoist is an important precaution in the use of industrial calabash, when the surrounding environment produces explosive mixture with combustible gas, dust and air.

Measures to ensure personal safety and safety of various production, storage and delivery systems.