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Description of double girder crane
- May 03, 2018 -


Double girder bridge crane is mainly composed of bridge frame, large vehicle running mechanism, trolley, electrical equipment and so on.According to the usage frequency, it is divided into A5, A6 and A7.Hook bridge crane operation is complete within the driver.

Main parameters of double girder bridge crane:

Starting weight: 5-10 tons, 16/3.2 ~ 50/10 tons, 75/20-100/20 tons, 100/32 tons 125/30-250/50 tons, 300/40 tons, 35/75 tons, 400/80 tons, 600/150 tons.

Span: 10.5-31.5 m, 13-31 m.

Lifting height: 6-22 m.

Design advantages:

1. Double girder bridge crane is the first design of honeycomb beam, with characteristics of light weight, large load and strong wind resistance.

2. The unique steel pin connection is not only strong and reliable, but also has a short assembling time.

3. Flexible rod supporting leg, site turn can be disassembled into a single piece, easy to transport.

4. The minimum installed capacity solves the problem of electricity utilization in the field.