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Description of DJB-PNN-S pillar-mounted slewing jibs
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Description of DJB-PNN-S pillar-mounted slewing jibs

DJB-PNN-S pillar-mounted slewing jibs features a high load capacity of up to 5,000kg and a long 

outreach.The low-headroom jib provides for particularly long hook paths for an unlimited slewing

range.It can also be powered by an optional electric slewing drive for ease of operation.

Main feature:

SWL up to 5,000kg

Outreach up to 10m(〈1,000kg)

Max slewing angle is N*360°

I-beam profile jib with the standard design

Slewing by hand and cross travel can use an opyional electric drive

Chemical anchor bolts are used to fit the pillar to existing concrete floors,conveniently and


For heavey load,concrete foundation is recommended.