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Common end carriage problem
- May 09, 2018 -

Common end carriage problem.

1. The end carriage is deformed on the horizontal section, which causes the deflection of the cart during the operation, causing the large wheels to gnaw the rails.In manufacturing, the main girder and end beam connection with welded joint, and the main girder connection of weld is more, when the bridge crane installation after welding, beam because of uneven is bent outward, makes the big wheel lateral deviation exceeds the range of allowable error, caused the phenomenon of gnaw rail.

2. When making the beam, it is often used to increase the stiffness of the wheel mounting position.In some dusty, humidity is bigger, or the work environment, such as corrosive gases due to the cart wheel installation location there is space between the plates, if maintenance is not in place, a long time can cause corrosion between the plywood, finally makes the position of the steel plate thickness, the wheel running appear skewed phenomenon, serious when rail gnawing problem.