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Chain electric hoist must not overload
- Jun 19, 2018 -

  Chain electric hoist can't overload lifting operation trust many people understand, but some people in order to save the little moments, just sort of overload, think doesn't matter, but the damage is brought by the practice, this kind of condition you can't fantasy, especially such operating conditions for a long time.Today we are going to correct this and see what kind of damage an overloaded chain electric hoist can do.Once chain electric hoist presents the phenomenon of overload, so will bring a lot of pressure to the hook, it will surpass itself weight, and this will directly lead to electric hoist crane appear rupture phenomenon, serious moments in chain electric hoist assignments at will disconnect directly.If the chain electric hoist is overloaded, it will exceed the capacity of the wire rope. In this way, the wire rope will break the wire or break it directly, causing the weight to break the person.And because the chain electric hoist overload, motor turning up in difficulty is very big, and even the motor is turning up in some of the night, and this situation will lead to motor burning phenomenon.Additional load chain electric hoist general load value be larger than the practice, this is to ensure that chain electric hoist safety operation of a kind of practice, of course we not advocating we transcend practical load is applied, this is to prevent the trouble brought by the overload.Operators must not hold the heart of good luck to overload the use of the chain chain electric gourd, Amman is the first, second is the operating efficiency!