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Attention problems of wire rope when using electric hoist
- Jul 23, 2018 -

  The following problems should be noted when using wire rope of wire rope electric hoist:
  First, check qualified wire rope electric hoist products to ensure their mechanical properties and standards meet the planning requirements;
  Second, to ensure the satisfactory safety coefficient, the force should be calculated before it is necessary to apply, and no waste steel wire rope should be used.
  Third, avoid the cross and superposition force of two wire ropes, avoid knot, twist, excessive twists and abrasion.
  Fourthly, pay attention to reducing the bending times of wire rope of wire rope electric hoist and avoid reverse bending as much as possible.
  Fifthly, do not drag in unclean places to avoid damage and corrosion of the wire rope caused by external factors, so as to reduce the performance of the wire rope.
  At last, keep the wire rope surface of wire rope electric hoist clean and outstanding smooth condition, strengthen the maintenance and protection of wire rope.