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Analysis on the problem of chain electric hoist
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Chain electric hoist is a kind of electric hoist commonly used. The following are some common problems of chain electric hoist:

Reason 1: the phase connection of the galvanic line is wrong, which causes the phase maintenance effect to start, so it cannot be operated.Solution: switch two phase power lines to each other.

Reason 2: the power fuse blew out or no fuse switch jumped off.Solution: see if current requirements are met, replace the appropriate fuse or restart the fuse - free switch.

Reason 3: the fuse of the control circuit burns down. Solution: check and replace the correct fuse.

Reason 4: the power cord or the control circuit wire is cracked or not connected well.Solution: fix or replace cracked and contactless wires.

Reason 5: the power supply voltage is too low.Solution: measure whether the voltage is less than 10% of the normal supply voltage.

Reason 6: the motor makes sound but does not rotate.Solution: check to see if the motor phase is correct - repair and insulate.

Reason 7: the emergency switch is pressed.Solution: acknowledge the reason for pressing the switch.

Reason 8: bad contactor.Solution: manually operate the hoist. If the chain electric hoist operates normally, it means that the control coil or wire has bad contact.By manual operation method chain electric hoist can't operation, still need to check the main power supply is normal, if the main power supply does not have a title, is bad contact, can be normal, need replacing contactor.