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Advantages of DJB-WNN-D Wall-mounted slweing jibs
- Apr 02, 2018 -

Presentation of DJB-WNN-D

DJB-WNN-D wall mounted slewing jibs are ideally suited for application where the height of the

plant is low and high lifting is required.It can be mounted on wall or pillar in workplace and 

lifting height can be adjusted according to the requirements.They are particularly easy to intall,

since the bracket is supplied ready to be fitted as a unit,which eliminates any complicated alignment work.

Mian feature:

SWL up to 3,00kg.

Outreach up to 10m(<1,000kg).

Max slewing angle is 180°.

I-beam profile jib with the standard design.

Slewing by hand and cross travel can use an opyional electric drice.

Chemical anchor bolts are used to fit the pillar to existing concrete floors,conveniently and 


Mounted on wall or pillar in workplace,and do not take up any floor sapce.