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3 cases where the electric hoist cannot start
- Jul 26, 2018 -

(1) whether the power supply system delivers electricity to the power supply of electric hoist, it is generally tested with a test pen. If the power is not delivered, it will be operated after the power is delivered.
(2) chain electric hoist, Lord control loop of electrical appliances, circuit disconnection or poor contact, also can make the hoist motor can't electricity, appear this kind of situation, need to repair the main, control circuit, maintenance and repair, in order to avoid the main and control circuits to three-phase motor power phase and burned, or hoist motor ran to homework, damage, must will hoist motor from the power cord to disconnect on the road, only to master and control circuit of electric transmission, then click start and stop switch, check the profile control appliances and circuit operation status, appliances or lines of have a problem to repair or replace, when admitted to master and control circuit of trouble-free, can only be from scratch test;
(3) the voltage of the electric hoist motor electric down more than 10%, assessments of motor starting torque is too small, make the hoist lifting goods, and can't work, check, use a multimeter or voltmeter input terminal voltage measurement, such as motor, because of the voltage is too low, truly make motor can't start, shall recover normal system voltage and then use the electric hoist.Sometimes, the voltage of the gourd motor is normal, while the gourd motor is not operating, which requires consideration of other reasons.
The electric hoist is not needed for a long time, and due to poor maintenance, the brake wheel and end cover are rusted to death. When starting, the brake wheel cannot be taken off.At this point, you should remove the brake wheel, clean the rust surface, and then test the car from the beginning.Severe cleaning of the motor will also prevent the motor from rolling. If this situation is found, the operation should be suspended and the motor must be overhauled or replaced to ensure the normal operation of the hoist.In addition, overloading of electric hoist is prohibited in production. When the goods are too overloaded and the electric hoist cannot lift the goods, the motor only declares the "hum" sound, but does not operate. In severe cases, the motor will burn down or even cause accidents.